Soldiers are expected to deliver to gas stations in Great Britain from Monday

Soldiers are expected to deliver to gas stations in Great Britain from Monday

The army is now deployed in the supply crisis in Great Britain. From Monday, 200 rapidly trained soldiers are to deliver fuel across the country.

The British government will use the army from Monday to bridge the bottlenecks in the gasoline supply. The government announced on Friday that 200 soldiers – including 100 drivers – would complete appropriate training at the weekend and could then start delivery trips on Monday.

Great Britain currently has significant bottlenecks here. This is not due to a lack of gasoline. In fact, sufficient amounts of fuel cannot be transported to the filling stations because tens of thousands of truck drivers are missing. Panic and hamster purchases have recently made the situation even worse. In the past few days, the British government had tried to calm the population down and declared that the crisis was under control. But the fuel shortage continued on Friday.

Germans should consider “returning” to the trucking industry

According to a report, a number of Germans living in the UK with an older driver’s license have received mail from the British government due to the acute shortage of truck drivers. Thousands of Germans in the country who had obtained their driver’s license before 1999 were written to as they were allowed to drive smaller trucks, reported the Independent newspaper.

In the letter from the Ministry of Transport, which the newspaper has received, it is suggested to those addressed to consider a “return” to the trucking industry – even if many of the addressees have never been behind the wheel of a truck. “There are great opportunities for truck drivers in the logistics industry and working conditions have improved across the sector,” the letter said. “Your skills and experience have never been needed more than they are now.”

The UK Department of Transportation said the letter had been sent to nearly a million people with truck drivers’ licenses. For data protection reasons, it was impossible to filter the list of recipients more precisely by occupation.

Drivers with German driving licenses issued before 1999 may, under certain conditions, drive small trucks with a maximum weight of 7,500 kilograms.

“Exciting Opportunity”

“It’s nice to know that there are still job prospects here for us after Brexit,” said a 41-year-old German who lives with his wife in London, the “Independent”. “If we had gone to Germany, we would probably never have been recruited as truck drivers by headhunters.” For now, however, he wants to keep his job at an investment bank, and his wife has never driven a bigger car than a Volvo and will probably turn down the “exciting opportunity”.

There is an estimated 100,000 shortage of truck drivers in the UK. Because of the Brexit, many truckers have returned to the European continent. In addition, the corona restrictions meant that training came to a standstill. In addition, the country is already struggling with rising gas prices, which are driving up energy costs and have led to a shortage of goods. The delivery bottlenecks also mean that consumer goods become significantly more expensive before the Christmas business. Farmers warned on Friday that there was a risk of mass slaughter of pigs because there was also a lack of butchers and slaughterhouse employees.

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