Somerhalder declassified Damon’s most valuable partner

Somerhalder declassified Damon’s most valuable partner

The actor who played in “The Vampire Diaries” gave a candid interview.

Ian Somerhalder has declassified his character’s most valuable partner. As it turned out, most of all Damon Salvatore respected and loved not his brother, as the audience dreamed of. Relations with many other characters Salvatore built unstable, but still there was one hero who could melt his cold heart – Bonnie Bennet.

“The healthiest relationship he had was with Bonnie. However, he loved Elena. He did a lot of things that he shouldn’t have done. In the end, she makes him feel like a man, and he loves her very much, “- quotes the words of the actor CheatSheets.

As for Bonnie, the situation there is as transparent as possible.

“The relationship with Bonnie can rightfully be called open, they were really useful for him. This plot twist with Bonnie was the most striking: you could see him giggle and hug like a dude in love, ”he said.

In addition, Somerhalder noted that it was thanks to Bonnie that the audience was honored to see Damon progress.

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