Spahn proud of the final spurt: Germany catches up with the USA in initial vaccinations

Spahn proud of the final spurt: Germany catches up with the USA in initial vaccinations

Spahn proud of the final spurt

Germany catches up with USA for first vaccinations

The bumpy start of the vaccination campaign is gnawing at the nation’s self-confidence. Health Minister Spahn has now announced that Germany has outstripped the USA in terms of initial vaccinations. Whether the vaccination rate can be maintained in this country depends on how well new groups can be mobilized.

Germany caught up with the USA for the first Corona vaccinations. “The USA got off to a quick start, and today Germany is tied for the first time when it comes to initial vaccinations,” wrote Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn on Twitter. 45.3 million of the around 83 million citizens or 54.5 percent are vaccinated at least once. The CDC website of the US health department showed a rate of 54.2 percent primary vaccinations. However, the data from the previous day was initially available there. In the updated ntv ranking, the USA are again just ahead of the game.

When looking at the full vaccinations, Germany is still well behind the United States: According to Spahn, 30.3 million people in Germany (36.5 percent) now have full vaccination protection. According to the CDC, the USA has more than 46 percent of the approximately 330 million inhabitants.

The interest in vaccinations in Germany is still unbroken, said a spokesman for the federal government. The daily average is currently 800,000 vaccinations. In view of the Delta variant, Spahn called for people to take advantage of the vaccination offer. The Federal Ministry of Health started a new phase of the vaccination campaign in July in order to better address population groups from whom not so many people have yet been vaccinated. A spokesman said that a new campaign is being planned.

Vaccination centers report many rejections

Whether the vaccination rate can be maintained in the next few weeks, however, depends on whether reports of massive appointment cancellations in the vaccination centers are confirmed. According to a report by the editorial network in Germany, many vaccination centers are noticing falling demand and a growing number of appointments being canceled or postponed. The Senate announced at the request of the RND that up to 20 percent of the appointments in the vaccination centers in Berlin had been canceled or postponed in the past few weeks. Another two percent of those vaccinated did not show up for their vaccinations without canceling beforehand.

The German Red Cross also found high numbers of appointment cancellations after a random sample in Saxon vaccination centers, as did the state health ministries of Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. A survey by ntv had previously shown a similar picture. Health Minister Spahn and the Robert Koch Institute appeased the worries on Tuesday. According to the RKI, there is no trend for people to increasingly skip their second vaccination.

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