Spain allowed some employees to go to work

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The authorities of different countries of the world are looking for a balance between quarantine and the resumption of business activity

Spain eases some restrictions imposed in connection with the coronavirus: industrial workers and builders may come to work from Monday.

In a situation where the virus continues to spread, companies must provide workers with protective equipment and ensure that they maintain the recommended distance of two meters from each other.

Spain is one of the countries most affected by coronavirus: over 165 thousand infections and 17 thousand deaths were recorded here. A significant part of the country has been quarantined for about a month.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Sunday that the pandemic poses a threat not only because of health effects, but also in socio-economic terms.

“Therefore, the response requires measures not only to prevent infection and restore the health care system, but also to prevent paralysis and collapse of our economy, which will negatively affect employment in our country,” Sanchez said.

Governments around the world are looking for a balance between the duration of quarantine and the resumption of people’s work to restore the economy.

South Korean Prime Minister Jong Se Kyung said on Monday that the authorities are discussing new recommendations that will uphold the rules of social distance, but at the same time allow a certain “socio-economic activity.”

The number of new infections in South Korea is gradually declining. On Monday, the government reported 25 new cases.

US President Donald Trump made it clear that he wants to return economic activity to its usual course as soon as possible. His administration recommended that people stay at home until the end of the month, while the governors of most states went further and prevented people from leaving home, making an exception for physical education and grocery shopping.

Infectious Diseases Expert Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested in an interview with CNN that some of these restrictions could be lifted in May.

“We hope that at the end of the month we will be able to look around and say: well, is there any element here that we can begin to carefully turn off? If so, then we will. If not, then we will wait further, ”said Fauchi.

He noted that the key will be the ability to quickly identify infected people, isolate them and track their contacts. Moreover, any efforts to resume business activity will depend on the specific situation in different regions of the country.

According to Johns Hopkins University, as of Monday, 1.85 million cases of the disease have been reported in the world, 114 thousand people have died. The United States accounts for 550 thousand patients.

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