Spears complains about the maids showing her cleavage

Spears complains about the maids showing her cleavage

The singer in an ultra-short maid suit opened up before the court.

Yesterday, June 13, the pop star posted on her Instagram photos in a black and yellow maid suit, focusing on the plunging neckline. Britney added a caption to the cheeky pictures detailing exactly how the guardianship limited her freedom.

Now, from Spears’ profile, her revelations have disappeared, and in their place there have been three stiletto heels emojis, but the screenshot with the star’s original commentary has survived.

“As I said … my maids could afford to have quarantined manicures after the salons opened, but damn … my maid outfit at least looks hotter,” the star wrote ahead of the hearing.

Spears complains about the maids showing her cleavage

Britney Spears complained in court last month that during the coronavirus pandemic, she was not allowed to get a manicure even after beauty salons went back online.

“For a year I have not had a manicure, no hair, no massage, no acupuncture. During the year I did not see anything, every week I saw only the maids in my house, whose nails changed every time, “- said Britney in court.

The singer’s legal saga continues today, July 14. It is expected to discuss the refusal of the financial company Bessemer Trust from custody of Britney and the departure of her lawyer Samuel Ingham III, who represented the interests of the star since 2008.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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