Spears responded to haters criticism of her “naked” photo

Spears responded to haters criticism of her “naked” photo

The artist’s strange behavior annoys the audience more and more.

Singer Britney Spears, suffering from the oppression of her own father, emotionally responded to haters to criticism of her “naked” photo. The other day, the vocalist shared a shot of her naked back in her personal microblog. An attentive audience immediately noted that Spears’ body lacks a branded tattoo, which means that the picture does not belong to Britney.

Fans immediately began to sound the alarm, suspecting the theft of Spears’ account. Many immediately said: most likely, we are talking about Britney’s father, because it is he who now completely and completely owns the life of his daughter. Someone even stated that Spears had completely lost her mind.

This reasoning literally infuriated Britney herself. After a while, on her personal Instagram page, she published an angry post in which she called on everyone to shut up.

“I edited my picture myself because I wanted to see what my back would look like without the tattoo. And yes, I like it more, so all those who were unhappy, kiss my ass, ”she wrote on Instagram.

Photo source: Legion-media

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