Spice Girls release their ‘forbidden’ compilation 25 years later

Spice Girls release their ‘forbidden’ compilation 25 years later

In the 90s, these compositions of the group were banned due to too vulgar lyrics.

The iconic female pop group Spice Girls was founded in 1994, but the first glory came to the girls only a couple of years later. For a quarter of a century, the members have gained millions of fans around the world.

In honor of their 25th anniversary, the group released a new version of the song Feed Your Love. In the 90s, she could have become a real hit, but they decided to “freeze” her because of the large number of obscene words.

On the track, Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and Jeri Halliwell sang about how much they love having sex all night long.

The producers felt that radio stations in the UK simply would not let this on the air. Now it is difficult to believe that once it was a shame to sing on this topic.

Then such lines as “baby, feed me with your love” and “for this I will show you my main secret” seemed beyond the bounds of what was permitted. And the phrase “do what you want with me all night” was the apogee of vulgarity.

“Spice Girls are part of our country’s history. We want fans to know the whole truth about us. It’s time to tell it to you, ”the band members said after the release of The Mirror’s“ forbidden ”songs.

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