“Spiderman Stars” together ?: Zendaya and Tom Holland caught kissing

“Spiderman Stars” together ?: Zendaya and Tom Holland caught kissing

“Spiderman Stars” together?

Zendaya and Tom Holland caught kissing

In the current “Spider-Man” series, the sparks have been flying between fellow actors Zendaya and Tom Holland for a long time. She denies that she has been denying rumors about a relationship in real life. Now photos – including with Zendaya’s mother – bring the rumors of love back into play.

The chemistry between the actors Zendaya (“Euphoria”) and Tom Holland (“Avengers”: Endgame) is probably not only right on the screen. The “Spider-Man” stars are apparently lovers even far from the screen. This is suggested by pictures that have now appeared on the celebrity page of the “New York Post”. In the photos of “Page Six” the famous actors can be seen in Los Angeles. The two were photographed in a car. Waiting in front of a red light, they kiss and fool around together. Further pictures show how the two also spend time with Zendaya’s mother. The two stars have not yet commented on the re-emerging relationship rumors.

On the set of “Spider-Man”: Zendaya as Michelle and Tom Holland as Peter Parker.

(Foto: picture alliance/AP Photo)

Speculation that Zendaya and Tom Holland are a couple has been around for years. After making the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (2017) – in which Holland played Peter Parker and Zendaya played his classmate Michelle – there was some speculation. The two stars denied the rumors of love and stated in interviews that they were only “friends”.

After the film “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, which was released in 2019, the third part of Holland’s “Spider-Man” series “No Way Home” will start in the cinemas in December, in which Zendaya will also be involved.

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