Stalker chased Kendall Jenner across the country to shoot


The guy wants to kill Kendall and then himself. He is now in the psychiatric ward.

On Monday, Kendall Jenner went to court for a restraining order to protect herself from a threatening young man. According to TMZ, a 24-year-old boy named Malik Bowker follows the celebrity across the country and wants to shoot her and then commit suicide. What caused his desire is still unknown.

According to the newspaper, Bowker’s intentions were confirmed by the police. In the documents, Kendall claims that the police told her that Bowker is temporarily in a psychiatric ward, but may soon be released. Jenner notes that she has never met this guy, but his threats cause her severe emotional upset and anxiety. And she is naturally afraid that Bowker will try to find her and harm or kill her when he is discharged from the hospital, TMZ notes.

Now Kendall is trying to protect herself with the help of an army of guards who are on duty at her house 24/7. Jenner also received an injunction: now Malik is obliged to keep at least 90 meters from her.

Earlier, Billie Eilish told about a similar situation: the singer also suffered from the attention of a stalker who camped near her house and sent her notes, including threats. “I no longer feel safe when I leave the house, I cannot play sports on the street, because he can come to me at any time and harm me. When I see him, I want to scream, ”said Eilish. As a result, Billy also received a restraining order.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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