Stalker probably planned murder: Kendall Jenner flees Beverly Hills


Stalker was probably planning murder
Kendall Jenner escapes Beverly Hills

Time and again, celebrities are victims of stalkers or other overly intrusive people. So does Kendall Jenner. A few days ago the police arrested a disturbed fan who was apparently planning to kill the 25-year-old. Now the model moves out of fear to an unknown place.

Kendall Jenner fights with intruders, stalkers and allegedly received death threats: The 25-year-old is said to have decided to leave her Beverly Hills home without any plans to return. The US celebrity portal “TMZ” reports, citing insiders.

They explained the excerpt by saying that the risk had become too great, although Jenner had apparently increased her armed security team. The security staff should also protect them in their new, safe location. It still seems unclear whether the top model will sell the house.

According to TMZ, the trigger for the immediate move was an incident on Sunday night. According to this, a 27-year-old man gained access to Jenner’s property around two in the morning and swam naked in the pool. The intruder was said to have been held by security personnel until the police arrived. Jenner is said to have been home at the time, but the man did not meet her.

Stalker could be fired soon

Kendall Jenner also obtained an injunction against another man on Monday who allegedly told police that he intended to shoot the model first and then himself. The 24-year-old is no longer allowed to approach Jenner. According to “TMZ”, the man is currently in the psychiatric department of a hospital, but could allegedly be released soon.

Celebrities are often the victims of stalkers or other overly intrusive people. The news has just been circulating that a woman armed with a knife has tried to get into the estate of the rapper Drake in Toronto, Canada. Pop star Billie Eilish recently obtained an injunction against a man who appears to have been persecuting her. Her colleague Katy Perry also went to court earlier this year against a man who had tried to get onto her property.

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