Stanley Tucci delights daughter-in-law Emily Blunt and John Krasinski with vodka cocktail


During the coronavirus pandemic, the actor became a real master of making alcoholic beverages.

Stanley Tucci posted a video on his Instagram page of him making a special Christmas cocktail. And his daughter-in-law Emily Blunt, her husband John Krasinski and the wife of the actor Felicity Blunt, who shot this video, helped him in creating a festive drink.

In the video, Tucci announces to Web users that he intends to create a special cocktail called “Christmas Cosmo.” The star warned that in his version it is “slightly different from the usual Cosmo, because instead of lime juice it contains pomegranate juice.”

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Stanley also added orange-flavored liqueur, vodka, cranberry juice and ice to the cocktail, while his assistants, whom he called elves, took over decorating the drink glasses. But it turned out that Krasinski was so enthusiastic about the process of creating the cocktail that at that time he ate all the pomegranate seeds.

And Emily and John jokingly accused Stanley of making them fit the holiday, and so they put on Santa’s caps and tied tinsel around his neck, while the actor himself looked very elegant in a classic stylish suit.

The family finally started tasting the cocktail, and the author threw a toast in the spirit of the times: “Stay safe and enjoy!”

It is worth noting that during the coronavirus pandemic, Stanley Tucci has become a true master at making cocktails. This spring, he told and showed fans how to make the Negroni drink. This video went viral, so the actor interested users with his own recipe.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Marina Bogdanova

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