stars of the TV series “Gossip Girl” ridiculed on the red carpet

stars of the TV series “Gossip Girl” ridiculed on the red carpet

Many of the images seemed “cheap” to the audience.

The long-awaited premiere of the series “Gossips” in New York ended with an incident. The show’s launch event took place on Thursday, July 1, and attracted a lot of attention from the audience.

Young performers paraded along the path, who in a matter of seasons became almost as popular as their more eminent predecessors.

It would seem that the event took place as usual and should have ended as calmly as it began, but when pictures from the event began to appear on the Web, the audience ridiculed the actors.

So, Emily Aline Lind was called a “schoolgirl”, the images of Jordan Alexander and Karina Evans were called “washed out” and “old-fashioned”, and Christine Froset was advised to remember the existence of underwear.

“There wasn’t enough money for normal clothes?” “It seems to me that it’s too early for them to appear on the red carpet,” “Still youngsters, what are the paths for them,” “Hmm, not a single decent image,” they wrote on the Web.

Photo source: Legion-media

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