Stevenson-Nakatila Boxing Night TV Rating became known

Stevenson-Nakatila Boxing Night TV Rating became known

The TV ratings of the boxing evening of the Top Rank promotion company have become known, in the main battle of which the former world featherweight champion Shakur Stevenson defeated the little-known African Jeremiah Nakatila. Even before the fight, it was clear to everyone that the low level of Shakur’s opponent, with his primitive aggression in the ring, could hardly give the fans hope for at least some competitive fight. And so it happened. Shakur Stevenson has traditionally been unable to extend his opponent. The fighter completely forgot about any seriality, which he possessed at the beginning of his career, and worked as the second number, throughout the entire distance of the battle, lazily shooting back with a jab and left straight from an opponent slowly approaching him in a straight line.

On the undercard of this fight, there was a much more intriguing confrontation between youth and experience. Former world champion in two weight classes, Jose Pedraza, easily withstood the onslaught of his aggressive opponent during the first few rounds, and then gradually began to seize the lead in the fight. 26-year-old Julian Rodriguez, realizing that he was losing this fight, decided to refuse to continue it, citing the fact that he could see poorly due to a hematoma.

In general, the battles showed a good rating. The average number of viewers in the battle between Pedraza and Rodriguez was 732 thousand people, and in the main battle the audience was slightly more – 857 thousand.


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