Stop “nonsense”: Republican criticism of Trump is increasing


There are not many yet – but the critical voices among the Republicans of US President Trump are increasing. Because the incumbent still sees no reason to admit defeat. The Republican Governor of Maryland commented on this in particularly clear terms.

Even almost three weeks after the US presidential election, incumbent Donald Trump is adamant and still does not acknowledge his defeat. Until recently, he tweeted about election fraud in various US states without presenting any evidence. Trump’s efforts to change something in the election result through legal channels have so far come to nothing. According to the news channel CNN, Trump and other Republicans have now lost around 30 trials.

But Trump remains stubborn – and continues to boycott the handover to his designated successor, the Democrat Joe Biden. The political opponent is severely critical. But criticism of the Trump team’s actions is also increasing from within the Republicans’ own camp – and it is becoming ever clearer.

Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, accused the CNN president of making the United States look like a “banana republic.” “It’s time to stop the nonsense,” said Hogan. In a Twitter post, he called on Trump to “stop golfing and admit defeat”. Michigan Republican MP Fred Upton commented on Trump’s situation by saying, “It’s over”. And New Jersey’s ex-Governor Chris Christie, who advised Trump’s handover team in 2016, called the current legal advisors to Trump’s campaign team on ABC a “national embarrassment”.

Critics are still a minority

The Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, who is considered moderate, recently warned to initiate the handover. She wrote on Twitter that the US states had made sure that the elections were free and fair. President Trump has so far not had any success with his legal objections in court. So it is now time to begin the transition process.

However, the critical voices in the Republican Party are still a minority. “I am embarrassed that in our party no more members express their opinion,” said Hogan, who had repeatedly criticized his party colleague Trump in the past. The Republican John Kasich has a theory about the reluctance of his party colleagues towards Trump: “They are either in complete lock step with him or they are afraid,” he told the radio station NPR. So far, only a handful of Republican senators, members of the House of Representatives and governors have directly or indirectly recognized Biden’s victory.

Meanwhile, the process of confirming the election results continues: In the key state of Pennsylvania, according to CNN, the certification of the election results in most counties will take place on Monday. In Michigan, too, the vote checkers want to meet for official recognition of the result. In the past, certification of election results had always been a matter of routine. It is a prerequisite for the electoral college to be able to formally elect the president on December 14th.

Certification should be slowed down

In Michigan, however, Trump’s team has filed a request to stop certification. Biden won the election there by 155,000 votes. In a letter to the election control in Michigan, the chairman of the Republicans, Ronna McDaniel, and the head of the party association in Michigan, Laura Cox, called for a two-week adjournment of the equal-representation body, which finally examines the election results before certification. This should allow a “full investigation of the anomalies and irregularities” in the election, said McDaniel and Cox.

The state election officer, Jocelyn Benson, stressed on Twitter that there was “no evidence” to justify the questioning of the election results. “In short, 5.5 million people in Michigan have voted. The outcome of their election is clear. No evidence has emerged to undermine this,” Benson wrote.

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