Storm on the US Capitol: US federal judge announces first verdict

Storm on the US Capitol: US federal judge announces first verdict

It was a day that shook the United States. Five people died when radical Trump supporters attacked the Capitol. Hundreds of participants were charged. A first judgment has now been made.

More than five months after storming the Capitol, a US federal judge has issued a first verdict against a participant. Anna Morgan-Lloyd, from Indiana, was sentenced on Wednesday to three years probation, community service and a fine of $ 500, which is the equivalent of about 420 euros. The 49-year-old escaped jail sentence for pleading guilty prior to the trial.

Morgan-Lloyd admitted having illegally entered the Capitol when the election of Joe Biden’s election victory in the November 3 presidential election was to be certified there on January 6. “I was there to show my support for President (Donald) Trump, and I am ashamed that it turned out to be an uncivilized spectacle of violence,” she said on video in front of the federal court in Washington.

“That was the best day in my life”

Morgan-Lloyd followed Trump’s appearance in Washington on January 6th, who reiterated his completely unsubstantiated charge of massive election fraud and urged his audience to march to the Capitol and “fight the hell out of it”.

She followed the crowd to the Capitol, but only stayed in the parliament building for ten minutes and was not guilty of any violence. “That was the best day of my life,” she wrote the next day on the online network Facebook. After her arrest, her lawyer said she cooperated with the judiciary, apologized and “reconsidered many of her ideas.”

Because of her admission of guilt, Judge Royce Lamberth followed the prosecution’s recommendation and waived a prison sentence. At the same time he stressed that it was a “serious crime”. This demonstration “did not become violent by accident,” he said.

Five people were killed

The storming of the Capitol on January 6th by radical Trump supporters had badly shaken the USA and is considered a black day in the history of US democracy. Five people were killed in the violence, including a police officer.

The US authorities have now identified around 800 suspected participants in the storming of the Capitol, and charges have been brought against around 500 of them. The verdict against Morgan-Lloyd could indicate that the sentence can vary depending on the allegations against the participants and their willingness to cooperate.

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