Students want to hang out Queen portrait – ministers outraged

Students want to hang out Queen portrait – ministers outraged

A debate has broken out in England over a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Students from Oxford want to hang the picture because of the country’s colonial history. A British minister is outraged.

Oxford University students want to hang a portrait of the Queen in their college because of her connection to British colonial history. A committee voted with a clear majority for the removal of the photo from 1952, as the “Times” reported on Wednesday. The reason given by the students is that “For some students, images of the monarch and the British monarchy represent recent colonial history”.

Instead, another, more neutral work of art is to be hung in the common room of the renowned Magdalen College, which was once visited by famous authors such as Oscar Wilde and CS Lewis. The British education minister Gavin Williamson called the decision according to the report “absurd”. Queen Elizabeth II had “worked tirelessly to promote British values ​​of tolerance, inclusiveness and respect around the world” during her long tenure on the throne.

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