Suddenly father !: Florian David Fitz is happy about twins


Suddenly father!
Florian David Fitz is happy to have twins

Florian David Fitz has apparently secretly become a father. His boys were born four months ago in the USA and are now to be raised by the actor in Germany. The 46-year-old receives support from family and friends.

Florian David Fitz’s desire to have children has been known for a long time. After all, he said in an interview with the magazine “Bunte” in 2018: “Yes, I would very much like to have children.” And in 2019 he was already aware: “With children, life probably revolves around a completely different axis.” Obviously, he will now find out firsthand whether this is actually the case, as “Bunte” also reports.

The 46-year-old actor has therefore secretly become the father of twins. The few details that have been leaked include the boys’ names and dates of birth. According to the report, Noah and Paul Fitz were born on September 12th last year in Mason City, a small town in the US state of Iowa. However, it is not known who her mother is. And thus also not whether it could possibly be an adoption.

Private life top secret

Florian David Fitz, who normally keeps his private life out of the public eye and whose relationship status is not known, is said to have moved with dog Elmo into a converted house with a garden in a quiet villa area in Munich last summer – with enough space for that the two boys can let off steam there. Allegedly, friends and family will be at his side in looking after the twins. Inquiries in this regard from RTL to the actor’s management have so far remained uncommented.

Fitz has been one of Germany’s best-known and most popular actors for 20 years. In 2010 he was awarded the German Film Prize for the drama “Vincent will Meer” as best actor. He celebrated his last great success in 2019 with the comedy “The Perfect Secret” at the side of colleagues like Elyas M’Barek, Frederick Lau and Jella Haase.

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