Suddenly there, then gone: the mystery of the mysterious Utah monolith solved


Suddenly there, then gone
Mystery of the Utah Monolith solved

Suddenly a three-meter-tall metal pillar is discovered in the middle of the Utah desert. First you wonder who placed the object there in the first place, then the monolith disappears overnight. At least the loss of the sculpture now seems to have been resolved.

The guesswork around a mysterious metal pillar in the desert in the US state of Utah continues – but photos of the demolition of the property have now emerged. One thing is certain: extraterrestrials were not involved. The photographer Ross Bernards rather describes on Facebook and Instagram how four men overturned the triangular metal object in a night and fog action last week and carried it away with a wheelbarrow.

Bernards said he drove to the metal pillar with friends to take photos. Suddenly four men showed up and knocked over the column. “That’s why you don’t leave rubbish in the desert,” said one of the men. A photo published by Bernards shows men apparently equipped with headlamps at the pillar lying on the floor. The men then took the object away with a wheelbarrow, describes Bernards. “One of them turned to us and said: ‘Don’t leave any traces’. That was at 8:48 pm.”

An adventure sportsman named Andy Lewis later posted a video on YouTube entitled “We Removed the Monolith from Utah”. It shows shots similar to those by Bernards, plus a short sequence showing the metal pillar being carried away with a wheelbarrow. Lewis did not provide any further details.

Monolith not from aliens

The three and a half meter high metal column was discovered by chance from the air in mid-November in the middle of red rocks in southern Utah during a sheep count. The discovery led to diverse and not always very serious speculations about the originator and meaning of the object on the Internet – from the work of extraterrestrials to fans of science fiction films to a reset button for the Corona year 2020.

Some suspected that the column could be the work of the US artist John McCracken, who died in 2011 and who had lived in nearby New Mexico for some time. His son told the New York Times that his father told him in 2002 that he would like to leave his works of art in secluded places for “later discoveries”.

The US authorities had not disclosed the exact location of the column in order to keep onlookers away. However, a user of the online platform Reddit was able to determine the location based on the rock formations in the background. On Saturday, the Utah Land Administration said it had received “credible reports” that the column had been removed by strangers the night before. The authority emphasized that they had not removed the column because it was “private property”.

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