Supporters of Donald Trump ram Biden’s campaign bus – FBI investigated

Supporters of Donald Trump ram Biden’s campaign bus – FBI investigated

A Democratic campaign bus has been surrounded by trucks carrying Trump flags on an expressway in Texas. A dangerous situation arose between two cars. Donald Trump defends his supporters.

A dangerous incident occurred on a bus tour of campaign workers for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden just before the US election. As US media reported, citing the FBI, the federal police are now also dealing with one Scene captured on multiple Twitter videosthat happened on Saturday on an expressway.

The footage shows how a white SUV and a black pickup truck immediately behind the bus on Interstate 35 in Texas touch and try to push each other at high speed. From which car the contact was made cannot be clearly seen on the videos.

After corresponding calls in the social networks, the bus was surrounded by numerous cars on its journey between San Antonio and Austin, mostly pickups and SUVs with flags in support of US President Donald Trump. According to the newspaper report, horn concerts and insults were emitted from the vehicles in the direction of the campaign bus. Neither Biden nor his vice-presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, were on the bus themselves.

Trump: “Patriots did nothing wrong”

Republican Trump shared a video on his Twitter account showing the column of vehicles around the bus, but not the collision of the two cars. Trump wrote: “I love Texas!”

In response to the FBI investigation, he wrote on Sunday evening (local time): “In my opinion, these patriots did nothing wrong.”

According to US media reports, the Democrats canceled planned events in Texas because of security concerns. Biden and Trump are still close together in the state shortly before the US election on Tuesday, according to surveys.

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