Surprise guest in New York: Worker finds little owl in the holiday tree

Surprise guest in New York: Worker finds little owl in the holiday tree

Surprise guest in New York

Worker finds little owl in the holiday tree

Every year the festively decorated Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller Center in New York attracts not only the city’s residents, but also a number of tourists. This time a stowaway is hiding in the 20 meter high spruce: a worker discovers a small owl in the branches.

The US metropolis New York experienced its first Christmas surprise of the year in the world-famous holiday tree at Rockefeller Center. A small owl hid between the strong branches of the over 20 meter high spruce and was rescued by a worker, as US media unanimously reported.

Apparently she had persisted in the tree north of the city since it was felled and even survived the 270 kilometer journey by heavy goods vehicle to the center of Manhattan unscathed. According to the local Ravensbeard Wildlife Center to which the worker brought the owl, the animal is a saw owl, a particularly small species of North American owl.

The center posted photos of the owl – appropriately christened “Rockefeller” – looking out of a box with big eyes in a small face. “She hadn’t eaten or drunk anything for three days,” said a post on Facebook. Now, however, “Rockefeller” has had enough fluids again and ate a few mice. The owl will soon be released back into nature.

Upon the arrival of the tree, the owners of the Rockefeller announced: “We have a feeling that this year the tree is vital. It is a symbol of hope and resilience.” In the coming days, the branches will be decorated with tens of thousands of lights. They should light up from December 2nd.

How the lights will be turned on, usually a spectacle in front of a large audience, is not yet known. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has only announced “additional precautions” in view of the coronavirus pandemic. New York traditionally kicks off the Christmas season with the show, which has been celebrated since the 1930s. The well-known ice rink in front of the Rockefeller Center is also supposed to be opened despite the pandemic – this time only from November 21st to January 17th, which is significantly shorter than in previous years.

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