Sweden: Motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Löfven

Sweden: Motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Löfven

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is facing a trial of strength in parliament. An unusual coalition from left to right wants to depose him.

In Sweden, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s minority government is threatened with extinction. A vote of no confidence has been scheduled for Monday. The right-wing populist Sweden Democrats applied for this on Thursday after the Left Party, also opposition, declared that it would no longer support the center-left coalition.

Then the moderates, who make up the largest opposition party in parliament, and the smaller Christian Democrats also agreed to withdraw confidence in Löfven in the vote. The Social Democrat stated that if he lost, he had two options: “Either call a new election or resign.”

Trigger: rental policy

The Left Party justified its new stance with a dispute over rental policy. Party leader Nooshi Dadgostar said that the government did not give up its controversial plans to loosen rent controls for newly built apartments within 48 hours, as requested.

Löfven criticized the procedure. “This is a dangerous path that the Left Party and the right-wing conservative parties are choosing now. They have no common plan for the future.”

A simple majority is sufficient

A simple majority in parliament is sufficient for the vote of no confidence. In addition to a new election, a transitional government could also be appointed. The current government relies on the support of both the left and two small center-right parties.

Löfven had struggled for a broad alliance that would exclude the Sweden Democrats, who had gained strength in the September 2018 election. The former union chairman had already agreed in a budget agreement with the Center Party, the Liberals and the Greens, among other things, to relax real estate law before his second term began.

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