Swiss ambassador to the United States attacked at his own residence


The attacker entered the residence of the Swiss ambassador in Washington and attacked him.

This is stated in a statement filed with the federal district court by a member of the Secret Service who arrived at the scene.

In a statement filed Tuesday in support of the criminal complaint, the officer indicated that he was sent to a residence on the same grounds as the Swiss embassy “in response to reports of an unwanted guest at the ambassador’s residence.”

The Swiss embassy said the man “tried to gain access to the ambassador’s residence … but was refused, after which he jumped over the outer protective fence of the embassy grounds.”

Ambassador Jacques Pittellou tried to block the intruder by raising his hands, but this man, identified as Oregon resident Christian David Mandeville, allegedly pushed them away and tried to bypass the diplomat, throwing him back.

The embassy said that Pittelu was not injured.

The perpetrator allegedly resisted the officer’s attempts to detain him, but was eventually arrested with the help of other law enforcement officials.

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