Teddy Atlas on the Povetkin – White rematch: “Alexander’s legs looked bad from the very beginning”


Renowned American coach and TV expert Teddy Atlas spoke about the rematch of heavyweights Alexander Povetkin (36-3-1, 25 KO) and Dillian White (28-2-0, 19 KO) that took place yesterday in Gibraltar.

“As for the White-Povetkin revenge, the whole point, as usual, is in geography. White needs to go a distance with a jab and catch to meet, while Povetkin needs sensitivity up close.

White shocked the 40-year-old pretty quickly, but this time he’ll get the job done.

White is larger and the first to take out Povetkin, but will the last blow come after him? Povetkin looks vulnerable.

White is good at setting traps and using a jab to set the table. It’s time for the main course.

As I said. The dish is served. White did his job, but Povetkin’s legs looked bad from the start, ”Atlas wrote on his Twitter.

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