Teddy Atlas: “Povetkin looked shaky from the starting round. It seemed that he was using other people’s legs.”


Former coach of Russian heavyweight Alexander Povetkin Teddy Atlas does not undertake to judge how much the consequences of the coronavirus had affected the boxer on the eve of the rematch with Dillian White, but notes that his actions were definitely affected by age.

“There are no excuses. When you sign a contract, you enter the ring. But the question arises how much hospitalization due to the coronavirus a few months ago affected Povetkin. Perhaps because of this, he could not get the desired shape or improve it. His body it looked not bad, but not great either. ”Genetically, he does not have a relief body, and this is all, to a certain extent, genetics.

Definitely, Povetkin was influenced by the fact that he was 41 years old. He looked shaky from the starting bell. I don’t know if he missed the punch to the top of the head, but it seemed like he was using someone else’s legs. It looked like they weren’t his legs, as if they were trying to get back to the real owner. They tried to get away from him, “Teddy Atlas said on THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas podcast.

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