Teddy Atlas: “Povetkin showed incredible courage”


The famous American coach Teddy Atlas paid tribute to the courage of Alexander Povetkin, who until recently tried to resist in a rematch with Dillian White, despite his deplorable situation.

“Povetkin looked wrong. He showed incredible courage. You could see that even when White shook him, this time Dillian remained more careful, calm and restrained. He did not act recklessly. I always said that the age of a fighter is not determined by chronology, but the number of punches he missed and the tough fights he went through. Genetics is part of it, but we see guys who are still young as they get older.

Suddenly Povetkin looked old. His legs looked old. Let’s not forget that despite winning the first fight, he suffered a lot of damage. Povetkin fell several times, received serious damage. It stays with you, doesn’t go anywhere, “Teddy Atlas said on THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas podcast.

Recall that Atlas also criticized Povetkin’s footwork in a rematch with White.

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