Teddy Atlas: “This time White did everything necessary to finish off Povetkin”


Former Alexander Povetkin coach Teddy Atlas praised rival Russian heavyweight contender Dillian White for his excellent performance in their rematch.

“White did a great job. He was discreet and knew exactly what he needed to do. He finally used the jab to control the distance with the shorter fighter, kept him on his punch and then made him pay for it. He covered the table with the jab. and dined on the right hand. White kept Povetkin at a distance, and because of the long jab it made sense.

White controlled geography. As I’ve always said, in boxing, one of the most important elements is who controls the geography, who controls the most important areas of the ring for him, allowing him to use his talents. White did it.

He stopped Povetkin in the same round in which he shocked in the first fight. Last time Dillian shook him, he didn’t finish. This time he did everything necessary to finish off Povetkin, “Teddy Atlas said on THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas podcast.

Recall that Atlas also noted Povetkin’s courage.

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