Tensions in the Western Pacific: US operates against Chinese fisheries

Tensions in the Western Pacific: US operates against Chinese fisheries

In the South China Sea there are always disputes over certain areas. The USA accuses China of violating international maritime law and wants to station its coast guard in the region in the future. The main focus is on fishing in Beijing.

The US government has announced that it will be sending Coast Guard patrol boats to the Western Pacific to stop Chinese fishing in disputed sea areas. White House National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien called China’s activities in the South China Sea “destabilizing and harmful”. Specifically, he accused China of “illegal and unregulated” fishing and harassing other countries’ fishing boats.

According to O’Brien, the Coast Guard will now permanently station so-called Sentinel rapid reaction cutters in the western Pacific. The aim is to help threatened fishing boats and to ensure freedom of navigation. The maritime security missions should therefore take place in cooperation with regional partners who have “limited offshore monitoring and tracking capacities”.

Washington regularly accuses China of breaking international law. According to the US authorities, China regularly escorts Chinese fishing boats with warships in order to exploit other countries’ fishing grounds. In July, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper accused the Chinese army of behaving inappropriately in the South China Sea and of sinking a Vietnamese fishing boat. According to Esper, China was also pushing Malaysian oil and gas platforms into Indonesian waters with escorted and own fishing fleets.

China claims practically the entire South China Sea, which is rich in raw materials. Neighboring states such as Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia reject Beijing’s claim.

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