Teofimo Lopem – Sr. is confident that George Kamposos will not last more than three rounds in a fight with his son


Teofimo Lopem, Sr., father and coach of the undisputed world lightweight champion of the American Teofimo Lopez, is confident that his son will easily defeat the mandatory IBF challenger Australian George Kambozos. According to Lopez Sr., three rounds will be enough for his ward to deal with the representative of Australia.

“The fight with Kambos will be similar to the fight with Magdaleno. He will go forward and substitute, this is an easy fight for my son. I don’t see George last more than three rounds.

I’m not worried about this guy, and I haven’t even watched the video of his fights. I will review his fights as soon as training camp begins. I think it will happen on March 29th. But judging by what I have already seen, he acts in the same way as Magdaleno. George leans forward and throws a lot of punches. This is an easy fight for my son, ”said Lopez Sr.

Teofimo Lopez and George Cambosos are slated to fight on July 5th at Miami’s Marlins Park Arena.

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