Teofimo Lopez: “After I beat Haney, I will drop his belt”

Teofimo Lopez: “After I beat Haney, I will drop his belt”

The undisputed world lightweight champion American Teofimo Lopez says that after he defeats Australian George Kambossos, he will be ready to fight his compatriot Devin Haney, who owns the WBC title in the same weight category. According to Lopez, the belt that Devin owns does not mean anything to him, and after winning their duel, he will throw it away.

“I want to prove Devin is a fraud, that’s all. It’s not about the title. When I win and beat Haney, I’ll postage this belt and throw it away. Because this title means nothing to me, this is shit.

During the press conference after the Linares fight, you could see how Devin was holding tightly to the belt because that is the only thing that keeps him up to date, ”Lopez said.

Recall that Haney fought his last fight on May 29, defeating Venezuelan Jorge Linares by unanimous decision. As for the duel between Lopez and Kambosos, the rivals will meet on June 19th at the LoanDepot Park arena in Miami, USA.

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