Teofimo Lopez: “Crawford needs to be a little more talkative”

Teofimo Lopez: “Crawford needs to be a little more talkative”

The undisputed lightweight champion of the world Teofimo Lopez responded to the criticism of Bob Arum towards Terence Crawford.

Lopez believes that only Crawford himself can influence his skills to promote his profile.

“Wow, I haven’t heard of that. The point is that you need to promote yourself the way you can. In the sense that it is not necessary to do it the way, for example, Floyd or Pacquiao did. You just need to do it your own way. You see, my approach is not compared with anyone else’s – I have my own style, so this [индивидуальность] – the most important thing.

Crawford is a very cool boxer, he does his job well in the ring. Yes, maybe he needs to be a little more talkative, but what can he do. He is what he is and it is unlikely that someone can change it. Everything is already in his hands. “

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