Teofimo Lopez: “Father watches the fight with Lomachenko every day”

Teofimo Lopez: “Father watches the fight with Lomachenko every day”

The absolute world lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez admitted that even a month after the triumphant fight against Vasily Lomachenko, his father and coach Teofimo Lopez Sr. continues to review this fight.

“My dad is enjoying and living this moment. I share his feelings, I’m in. 18 hard years of hard work, during which we were not recognized, until we finally got this opportunity. And my fists did it.

My father is doing very well. He is at home, reviewing the fight with Lomachenko every day, twice a day. Dad is very happy. I think he is looking forward to next year to find out who we will fight next. But since 2020 is now going on, he still lives in it. Father is reviewing this fight. I hope people will take a closer look at this fight. Father deserves the title of Coach of the Year, “said Teofimo Lopez on the Fight Disciples podcast.

Recall that Lopez also named a priority fight for himself after the victory over Lomachenko.

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