Teofimo Lopez: “Haney needs to work on the trash, he’s doing this galimo”


The undisputed world lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez has criticized WBC title holder Devin Haney for his weak treadmill makings.

“Haney needs to work on the trash. He’s doing this galimo, it’s just awful. This is bad, very bad. They need to do it. Davin has a lot of things that need to be scripted. It just needs to be implemented. Some people succeed, others do not. Davin doesn’t have that, but that’s okay. We’ll help him along the way. In the same way, we helped Lome.

We’re going to have a fight with Haney. I’m trying to save his career. I’ve tried this before. I told him: “You need 3-5 years, work to go up.” Many have misunderstood me. I tried to save his career, but now he got out of hand. It hurt me. We’ll start pressing it. My father and I are good at this. We are on the same wavelength.

Haney must accept this fight for two or three million dollars. He won’t get what he hopes for. He will be paid less. I think Haney should understand that, “Teofimo Lopez said in an interview with Sky Sports Boxing.

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