Teofimo Lopez says Taylor is trying to avoid a fight with him

Teofimo Lopez says Taylor is trying to avoid a fight with him

Most belt-lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez (16-0, 12 KOs) believes Josh Taylor abruptly dropped his name when he won the undisputed champion against Jose Ramirez.

“Previously, Josh Taylor challenged me: ‘Yes, I want to fight Teofimo,’ and this, and that,” – said Lopez. – “But now he is already saying that I am not an absolute champion, because his team tells him to say so, which wants to avoid a fight with me.

They don’t want to fight me. Right now, they have a must-have contender – Jack Catterell. However, review his past interviews where he mentions my name. Now he only avoids fighting me. I’m getting better, and I think they can feel it. This is the whole point. In the energy with which I enter the ring.

At the same time, I believe that we would have had a phenomenal duel. After all, I would be in my weight class. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable right now, but in the lightweight division, it’s harder for me to reach my full potential as a fighter. 140 pounds is where I feel most comfortable while people can see my entire arsenal.

And I think Taylor’s team is aware of this. When you’re with Teofimo, you have to worry about everything at once. I have speed, power, fighting IQ, footwork, I can fight at close range, and also with my back to the ropes. It’s a whole bunch of things to worry about. Plus I can box left-handed. “

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