Teofimo Lopez Sr. told how he almost got into a fight with Mike Tyson


Teofimo Lopez Sr., father and coach of the undisputed world lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez, recalled a funny story about how he almost got into a fight with Mike Tyson.

“It happened at the club. I went in and got a drink. I started walking back, Mike Tyson came in – and boom. He hit me with his shoulder. Hard enough for me to turn around and try to hit him. When I saw him, I thought,” Oh God, Mike Tyson! “There were about 20 girls with him, he sat down near the bar, and I settled down nearby.

He was resting and there were about 20 girls with him who poured champagne into his mouth. It was crazy. I went up to him and did not stop bothering him: “I need an autograph, I need an autograph.” I had a poster from the club.

The guards told me, “Man, he’ll hit you.” And I said, “I want him to hit me.” I kept pestering him and he gave me an autograph. I told him about it today, “Teofimo Lopez Sr. told the YouTube channel EsNews.

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