Teofimo Lopez – to fans who do not consider him the absolute champion: “You just don’t want to understand what happened.”


Lightweight leader Teofimo Lopez is convinced that only haters don’t consider him the undisputed world champion in the 135-pound division. Fans are embarrassed by the WBC franchise title belonging to the 23-year-old boxer, but Lopez himself calls himself a full-fledged “absolute”.

“Only haters and those who do not want to take it for the truth are confused. You know that I am the absolute champion. As for those who do not want to accept this and say that they are confused, no, you are not confused. You are just you don’t want to understand what happened, it happened, just accept it.

This is not a conspiracy, it was not rigged. Teofimo did this and will continue to do so. I’ll let everyone know that this is just the beginning. Whatever you think about my next steps, whatever you fear from me further, think about it twice, because next time I will do something big, “- said Teofimo Lopez in an interview with the YouTube channel Fight Hub TV.

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