Teofimo Lopez: “We beat Lomachenko honestly and fairly. The point is that people cannot accept it.”


After the fight against Vasily Lomachenko, the absolute world lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez changed his rhetoric towards the Ukrainian, more and more often speaking out complimentary about him. However, Lopez remains adamant about one thing: he is not going to have a second fight with Lomachenko, as he believes that after the first fight there are no questions left.

“I give credit to Lome. As for the rematch option that a lot of people talk about, we’ve already beat him. We beat him honestly and fairly. It showed.

I think the whole point is that people cannot accept it: “How did this guy do it?” In my case, you will always see more. And I am grateful for that, because I have the X factor, “said Teofimo Lopez in an interview with YouTube channel iFL TV.

We will remind, Lopez also admitted that he wants Lomachenko to remain at lightweight to intimidate other fighters.

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