Terror expert Neumann on USA: “That was just the beginning”


Terror expert Neumann on USA
“That was just the beginning”

The images of the storming of the Capitol in Washington go around the world and mostly cause horror. Terror expert Neumann sees the action as the beginning of an extremist movement. The last inhibitions could fall after the handover.

Terror expert Peter Neumann from King’s College in London is convinced that the storming of the Capitol in Washington will be the starting point for a violent development in the USA. “The storm on the Capitol was not the end point, but the beginning of an extremist movement that will also be violent,” said the political scientist to ntv.de. “What we saw on Wednesday was not yet terrorism – but rarely has a terrorist movement announced itself so spectacularly.”

The fact that there have not yet been any major outbreaks of violence has to do with the fact that the elected US President Donald Trump is still in office. “So far there has been no reason for his supporters to use violence against the government,” said Neumann. Trump’s term ends on January 20, when his successor Joe Biden will be sworn in. “For the extreme parts of this movement there will be no more reason to hold back.”

The Trump movement is dominated by the conspiracy cult QAnon. “The essence of QAnon is the belief that the US government, and actually the entire establishment, is ruled by a satanic sect that aims to protect a network of child molesters,” says Neumann. “As absurd as that is, part of this belief is that Trump is the figure of light who fights against these satanic structures. Anyone who believes in such a thing can justify anything to prevent Trump from being defeated.”

Many QAnon supporters are also heavily armed. The civil war that has been predicted over and over again will not happen. “But after the events of January 6th, we can be sure that the Trump movement will also produce terror.”

You can read the entire interview from Saturday, 9 a.m. on ntv.de.

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