Thank you Donald: a legacy to turn down


The storming of the US Parliament has nothing good. And many withdrawal movements also have the stigma of being far too late. But at least we have now set the right course for the post-Trump era.

A US President fuels the anger of the assembled mob storming the United States Parliament. Five people die. With this shame – if it wasn’t a crime – Donald Trump has to live for the rest of his days, and American democracy with an unprecedented degradation of its House.

No matter how you twist and turn the taboo, there is nothing, absolutely nothing good about it. Or is it? It seems that with the storming of the Capitol, some course has suddenly been set in the post-Trump era in such a way that one can hope that Trumpism will disappear with its namesake. After all.

This does not mean that the so-called social media groups are now banning Donald Trump permanently from their platforms. As just as a blockage of a tweet or post may be in a specific individual case, it should definitely not be private corporations that regulate access to the political-digital marketplace according to their own rules instead of laws.

No, strategic course set in the right direction, that means:

  • In the US Senate, those Republican senators can now more easily free themselves from Trump’s grip, which the new President Joe Biden needs for a bipartisan, reconciling governance. Correct: The last-minute departure of party celebrities in particular does not cast a good light on them after they have complied with every madness for four years. But at least: Biden’s path through everyday political life will definitely be easier.
  • Joe Biden’s open flank (which could have cost him the election victory) were the most violent among his Democratic supporters, and there were significant numbers. The pillaging of entire streets is not a political expression of will – even if it is the answer to racist police violence. Because the Republicans are in control of the violence problem in their Ranks of supporters lost when the Trump mob stormed parliament, the original tip against Biden becomes blunt: The post-Trump Republicans will take a long time and will have to constantly break away from the ex-president until they can again be credibly identified as “Law- and-Order “party. In the world after Trump that would be the most important political trump card in competition with the Democrats.
  • Big tech, big data and big money have just suddenly abandoned Trump. It is also true of their bosses that they have endured far too much for far too long because it promised good business. Nevertheless: Just because of the money and donations, the chances that Trump can enter the race for the 2024 election have decreased.

And above all: election campaign versus Donald Trump is now many times easier in the Republican Party than before. Election candidates no longer need the support of the ex-president for better or worse.

One can be in the party versus position Trumpism. This has programmed a grueling dispute over Trumpism after Trump, which could also split the Republican electorate. Since the nefarious assault on the Capitol, Trumpism has been a political legacy that can be turned down. After all.

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