“That’s 40!”: Shit storm for Kim Kardashian’s bikini pictures

“That’s 40!”: Shit storm for Kim Kardashian’s bikini pictures

A few days ago, Kim Kardashian turned 40. What would the reality TV participant be if she didn’t upload a few revealing photos of herself on the occasion, showing how in good shape she is? But this self-confidence does not inspire enthusiasm among all fans.

Kim Kardashian simply celebrates herself and her curves on social media. The reality TV star, who turned 40 last week, likes to present his shapely silhouette in body-hugging outfits – this time in particularly tight clothing.

New pictures on Instagram and Twitter show Kardashian against a picturesque backdrop: white sandy beach, palm trees and clear water. The eye-catcher, however, is the mother of four herself, standing knee-deep in the water in a taupe bikini. Sunglasses, a stylish headscarf and blowing hair in the wind make the staging perfect. Kardashian’s comment on this: “That’s 40!”

Kardashian cannot deny her self-confidence. No question about it, the 40-year-old looks great. Nevertheless, criticism piles up among the bikini pictures, denouncing one thing above all: Of course there is hardly anything left here. “This is what 40 looks like for someone who has the necessary money for fitness trainers, nutritionists, cooks, cosmetic procedures and high-quality face and body care products,” writes a Twitter user. Others agree, “Does it really make it 40 if all your body parts are brand new?” or “No, that’s plastic surgery and money”.

Hardly anyone knows how to present themselves in public better than the American it girl. The prize is a transparent life: there are already 19 seasons of the series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, which started in 2007 and made her whole family world famous. However, the last episodes of the popular reality TV show are slated to run early next year.

Is Kim Kardashian actually a little quieter in her life at 40? There are doubts, because the wife of Kanye West and mother of four is not only present on television and the red carpets: More than 190 million people follow her on Instagram, and over the years she has built a multi-million dollar fashion and luxury empire built up. She has also been planning a career as a lawyer for some time.

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