That’s what Obama, Bush and Clinton are planning


The approval of several vaccines against Covid 19 disease is imminent – but only just under half of Americans want to use them. Three ex-presidents want to change that with a special campaign.

Three American ex-presidents are ready to get a corona vaccination in front of the camera. Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton wanted to increase the citizens’ trust in the vaccines, the television channel CNN reported on Thursday.

The United States is one of the countries that has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. More than 273,000 people have already died. The elected President Donald Trump downplays the threat posed by the virus despite his own illness.

Bush wants to be vaccinated “with joy” live

Of his three predecessors, Obama was the first to stress that he had no concerns about a corona vaccination. “I promise you that I will get (the vaccine) when it is made available to less vulnerable people,” said the 59-year-old Sirius XM. Maybe he’ll give himself the vaccine on TV or be filmed – “just so people know I trust this science.”

A spokesman for the 74-year-old Bush told CNN that the ex-president also “happily” agreed to a vaccination on TV. He wanted to encourage citizens to get vaccinated. As with Obama, the prerequisite is that the vaccines are classified as safe and have already been made available to more vulnerable sections of the population. A Clinton spokesman also told the station that the 74-year-old was ready to be vaccinated in public.

Star immunologist Fauci speaks out in favor of vaccines

In a survey in mid-November, only 58 percent had agreed to a corona vaccination. The renowned American immunologist Anthony Fauci recently rejected concerns that the development of vaccines in the USA would be accelerated at the expense of tolerability and effectiveness. “I fully trust people like Anthony Fauci, whom I know and who I have worked with,” said Obama of the director of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases. If Fauci said that a vaccine protects, he will “definitely” get vaccinated.

At the end of November, the German company Biontech and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer applied for emergency approval for their corona vaccine from the US FDA. If approved, particularly vulnerable people in the United States could be vaccinated as early as mid-December. President-in-Office Donald Trump has reportedly been dissatisfied with the pace of vaccine approval. However, FDA chief Stephen Hahn stressed that he would not allow political pressure.

The US government expects enough vaccine to be available for 20 million Americans by December. 30 million more people could be vaccinated in January and at least 50 million more in February. The vaccines will initially go primarily to healthcare workers – as well as residents of old people’s and nursing homes.

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