The Bank of England has issued its most secure banknote – it features Alan Turing


The Bank of England has announced a new 50-pound banknote, which depicts Alan Turing, who during the Second World War, together with his colleagues, managed to crack the code of the famous German encryption machine “Enigma”.

According to experts, this is the most secure banknote with a metal hologram, a landscape of Bletchley Park (where the Government School of Codes and Ciphers was located, in which Turing worked during the war years – ed. Techcult) and a microchip.

The note reflects what Turing did in his life – in particular, the mathematical formula borrowed from his 1936 work “On Calculated Numbers” and laid the foundation for computer science. It also contains an image of the first computing machine and a diagram of the Bombe code cracker, in the creation of which Turing took part.

The launch of the new banknote into circulation is scheduled for Turing’s birthday. With its existence, it will mark the importance of computer science and mathematics in modern society.

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