The Black Mermaid is ready: the actress showed the last photo

The Black Mermaid is ready: the actress showed the last photo

Holly Bailey opened up about the complexities of filming and started talking about work.

Actress Holly Bailey, who played the role of the dark-skinned Little Mermaid, has officially announced the end of filming. On her personal Instagram page, the young actress hastened to share the last picture with the audience. After the public became aware of the filming of the project, a tub of slops poured onto the working group and the actress. Many were outraged by the fact that the role of the red-haired heroine was taken by the dark-skinned and dark-haired Bailey.

All this time, Holly had to fight pressure from the outside. On her personal Instagram page, the actress confessed: she went through hard times, but she does not regret such an experience at all.

“It was the most difficult experience – I was away from everything that was dear to me. I suffered from self-doubt, from loneliness, but I also felt freedom and perseverance. This experience made me much stronger, ”she said.

Holly also published the last photo in the image from the set. On it, she posed against the backdrop of a sunset in Sardinia. It is worth noting that the actress looked just great to the envy of the fans.

Photo source: Legion-media

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