The chairman of Twitter has resigned from his position.

The chairman of Twitter has resigned from his position. WORLD NEWS

In this position, Omida Cordestani will be replaced by Patrick Pickett, former CFO of Twitter. The reason for Cordestani’s departure has not been reported.
Twitter Chairman Omid Kordestani has resigned from his post, Reuters reports citing the company. Former CFO of Twitter Patrick Pickett has been appointed to this position.

In his statement, Pickett noted the merits of his predecessor and stressed that he had ensured the stable work of the Twitter team during his five years of operation. “Given the strength and depth of the Twitter management team and leadership, we believe now is the right time to develop our management structure in line with best practice,” said the new Twitter chairman.

Prior to joining Pickett, he was CFO of Google and joined Cordestani as chairman in 2015. He will remain on the board, reports CNBC. The reason for Cordestani’s departure has not been reported.

The changes in the company’s management occurred against the backdrop of worsening relations between Twitter and President Donald Trump. In late May, Trump said he could close down the company, but it would have to go through legal procedures. “If it [Twitter] could be legally closed, I would do it,” Trump stressed.

The president spoke out immediately after he signed the order to regulate social networks. Trump believes that social networks have “uncontrolled power” through which they censor user messages. “We cannot allow a limited number of online platforms to manually select words that Americans can exchange online,” Trump explained.

Shortly before that, Twitter had marked the president’s messages as potentially misleading.

However, after signing the order, Twitter noted the president’s message again. This time, the social network considered that Twitter violated the company rules “with regard to the glorification of violence. In it Trump wrote about the situation in Minneapolis, where protests began after the death of African-American George Floyd during police detention. In particular, the president noted that the authorities were ready to take over, “and once the looting begins, the shooting will also begin.

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