the court is not imbued with the pitiful story of Britney Spears

the court is not imbued with the pitiful story of Britney Spears

Now the incapacitated singer is still under the tutelage of her father.

The court delivered a final judgment in the Britney Spears case.

A few days ago, the incapacitated vocalist testified for the first time in court: in them she said that her father forbade her to give birth, regularly forced her to work and in every possible way mocked her. Now Britney asks the judge to return her the opportunity to live freely as soon as possible.

For several days, the press discussed what was happening. Many artists, actors and celebrities have shown their support to the singer. On Thursday, July 1, the final verdict became known. The court, after hearing the testimony of the victim, decided not to change the situation: James Spears will continue to be Britney’s guardian.

“The request to immediately suspend the status of James Spears as sole guardian of the ward following the appointment of the Bessemer Trust has been denied,” the court documents said.

In addition, the court noted that Britney is still unable to cope with her financial resources and resist undue influence. However, she retains the right to submit new requests, according to NRK.

Photo source: Legion-media

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