The date for the Supreme Court election has been set

The date for the Supreme Court election has been set

Conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett is to be accepted into the Supreme Court at Donald Trump’s will. A date has now been set for the vote on your appointment.

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Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s candidate for the US Supreme Court, survived the Senate hearing. Now the date has been announced on which the decision will be announced. The committee wants to comment on October 22nd This has been announced by the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Lindsey O. Graham.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley said he was already confident, according to the Washington Post: “There is nothing wrong with the United States Supreme Court confirming a devout Catholic, true-to-life Christian.”

In hearings, the judge was very cautious

Barrett had previously refused to reveal her position on previous court rulings on these issues at her Senate hearing. At the same time, she stressed that she was independent and would decide on the basis of the law instead of her convictions.

According to Trump’s wishes, Barrett is to be the successor to the recently deceased liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. With it, the Conservatives would get a dominant majority of six of the nine seats in the Supreme Court. The court often has the final say on politically contested issues.

If she were to express an opinion on a precedent, this could give parties an indication of what decision she would be inclined to take in a specific case, Barrett justified her evasive answers in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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