The day: China demands the US end the punitive tariffs


The day
China is demanding the US end the punitive tariffs

Relations with China deteriorated under US President Donald Trump. The governments clashed on several points, for example on trade, human rights and China’s territorial claims. However, Beijing is now calling for a fresh start:

  • “In recent years, the United States has basically cut off bilateral dialogue at all levels,” said senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi. China is ready to conduct open communication with the US side and to participate in discussions to solve problems.
  • At the same time he calls on the USA to move away from the punitive tariffs on Chinese goods and to give up what he believes to be “absurd suppression of the Chinese technology sector”.
  • It won’t be as easy as Beijing would like it to be. Speaking on the phone with China’s head of state and party Xi Jinping, new President Joe Biden underscored his “fundamental concerns about Beijing’s forced and unfair economic practices, the repression in Hong Kong, human rights violations in Xinjiang and increasingly challenging actions in the region, including against Taiwan.”
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