The day: Transgender woman becomes a minister in the USA


The day
Transgender woman becomes a minister in the USA

As a candidate, US President Biden promised he wanted a cabinet that “looks like America” ​​- for example, he appointed several women and non-whites as ministers. And now also a transgender woman as Vice Minister of Health. Activists hailed the move as historic.

  • The pediatrician Rachel Levine is the first transgender woman to take up a senior ministry post. The US Senate confirmed Levine’s nomination as deputy health minister with a narrow majority.
  • “That Dr. Levine is the first openly transgender American to be ratified by the Senate is a turning point in US history,” a White House communications official tweeted. The pediatrician was confirmed in the Senate with 52 to 48 votes.
  • Levine, 63, was Pennsylvania Secretary of Health and Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at Penn State College of Medicine until January.
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