The ex-president’s retirement will be turbulent

The ex-president’s retirement will be turbulent

In the next few days you will probably find Donald Trump where he likes best: on the golf course. But a quiet retirement is not in sight for the 74-year-old – there is a lot to come.

Donald Trump is history as President of the USA – at least for the time being. On Wednesday he handed over the office to his successor Joe Biden, albeit reluctantly and without being personally present. Trump moved from Washington to Florida, moving “from the most powerful room in the world, the Oval Office, to the swimming pool in Mar-a-Lago,” as his former security advisor did John Bolton in an interview with t-online expressed.

It is expected that he will spend the first few days on the golf course. But what’s next for him after that? “If he leaves office, it will not look good for him personally and financially,” Bolton summed up the prospects.

An overview:

Everything is overshadowed by Impeachment procedure. After the House of Representatives accepted the “incitement to riot” charges on January 13th in connection with the storm on the Capitol a week earlier, the case is now with the Senate. It has not yet been determined when the decision will be made about the subsequent removal from office. The process could begin next week. For the process to be successful, 17 Republicans would have to vote against Trump, as a two-thirds majority is required. While this is by no means certain, it is much more likely than in the last procedure in early 2020.

Trump for President 2024?

Impeachment could exclude Donald Trump from political office in the future. Some lawyers see, in the event that a majority cannot be found, the possibility of letting the Senate decide on Trump’s political future in a separate vote. Either way, his plans could for the 2024 presidential election to run for electionto be destroyed.

According to some experts, a similar approach would also be possible to deny him the pension to which he would be entitled as a former president – 221,400 dollars annually (approx. 182,000 euros). If he had been removed from office before the end of his presidency, he would not be entitled to it – whether the current impeachment procedure can still achieve this retrospectively is unclear. Even with a second vote, the legal situation is very uncertain. This also applies to the other privileges: travel expenses, office rent and employee salaries are paid for from taxpayers’ money.

The name Trump won’t go away

But even if it should come to impeachment, it is unlikely that the name Trump will disappear from the political scene. As the “Wall Street Journal” reports, the ex-president should consider founding his own party: the “Patriot Party”. In addition, his children are supposed to follow him to Florida. There are rumors that his daughter Ivanka Trump wants to run against incumbent Senator Marco Rubio in the next Senate election. And his son Donald Trump Junior is also trusted to hold a political office.

Ivanka Trump at her father’s farewell ceremony on Wednesday: She is said to have political ambitions. (Source: MediaPunch / imago images)

Even outside of political endeavors, Donald Trump will probably remain a public figure. Before his political career, he was successful as a reality TV star. It would be conceivable that he returns to television. There has always been speculation about founding a station of their own. Also one Return to the top of the business the Trump Organization – real estate, hotels and golf courses – would be possible. After his election victory in 2016, Donald Trump handed over management of the company to his sons Eric and Donald Junior.

Tabuthema Trump

But the Trump brand has been damaged: According to experts, it has become a downright taboo in the business world. More and more long-term business partners have been turning away since the storm on the Capitol on January 6th. According to reports, this also includes Deutsche Bank, which still owes Trump around $ 400 million (330 million euros). The US credit institution Signature Bank closed Donald Trump’s personal accounts. The American Golfers Association has rejected the plan to host the 2022 golf championship on its New Jersey golf course.

Reports that he financially in trouble Donald Trump repeatedly rejected vehemently. Forbes magazine recently estimated his fortune at “only” 2.5 billion dollars – at the end of 2016, before his presidency, it was 3.7 billion dollars. One reason is likely to be the Corona crisis: As the “New York Times” writes, the Trump companies made 38 percent less sales in 2020 than in the previous year.

Trump himself also repeatedly stressed that his political commitment had cost him millions. However, it is no secret that he preferred to host costly political events on his own property during his time as president and during the election campaign. From tax money and donations from his supporters, at least $ 8.1 million should have flowed into his company in the four years of his tenure, reports the Washington Post.

Donald Trump and the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with their wives in Mar-a-Lago in 2018: Trump, as President, was happy to host official events on a ground (archive image).  (Source: Reuters / Kevin Lamarque)Donald Trump and the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with their wives in Mar-a-Lago in 2018: Trump, as President, was happy to host official events on a ground (archive image). (Source: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters)

Investigations against Trump on a number of points

Even in his time before the presidency, Donald Trump is likely to make headlines involuntarily: He is still threatened regardless of impeachment quite a few legal proceedings. Probably the best known case: The Russia investigations by FBI special investigator Robert Mueller. This could not prove that there had been secret agreements between the Trump camp and representatives of Russia before the 2016 election. He expressly did not exonerate him from the allegation of obstruction of justice. And he made it clear that “a president has no immunity after leaving office”.

The New York District Attorney’s Office is also investigating him. Before the 2016 election, the then lawyer reportedly arranged for Trump to pay hush money to several women who claimed to have had affairs with the future president. The best known name: former porn actress Stormy Daniels. In addition, there are investigations against Trump and his companies for possible tax evasion and illegal campaign financing, as well as lawsuits for defamation, sexual harassment and inheritance embezzlement, among other things.

Neighborhood dispute in Florida

Also the Moved to Florida Donald Trump could still take Donald Trump to court: he frequented his luxury property Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach with an attached golf course during his tenure. His neighbors there already had plans to move in December after they became aware of the move made their displeasure clear in a letter and threatened to file a lawsuit: Trump signed a declaration in the early 1990s for financial reasons according to which Mar-a-Lago is operated as a private club. In it he had promised to stay there for a maximum of seven days at a time and 21 days a year and thus forfeited the right to live permanently on his property, so the allegation.

In a message from the city on the occasion of Trump’s move in on Wednesday, the concerns of the citizens were not mentioned – on the contrary: they appreciate the flexibility and support and thank you for the patience, it said.

Aerial view of Mar-a-Lago: Donald Trump is not very popular with his neighbors.  (Source: Reuters / Carlos Barria)Aerial view of Mar-a-Lago: Donald Trump is not very popular with his neighbors. (Source: Carlos Barria / Reuters)

A quiet recovery from his tenure could be difficult in Mar-a-Lago for another reason: The coastal city’s airport is very close to the property. In the past four years, the departing and arriving machines have been rerouted for safety reasons. However, this privilege is over now – and with it the peace and quiet from the aircraft noise.

Rumor has it that further turmoil awaits him in his private life: It has long been speculated that it will between Donald and Melania should be in crisis. A former adviser told the British Daily Mail in November: “Melania counts the minutes until he is out of office and she can get a divorce”. If it actually came to that, she could well expect millions of dollars on the marriage contract. Her alleged divorce plans are not confirmed – Melania Trump was a first lady who kept private matters private. And so far she has remained loyal to him, at least in public.

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