The ex-wife of Armie Hammer is horrified by the scandalous details of his personal life


The main task is to protect children from scandal.

The hype surrounding the personal correspondence of American actor Armie Hammer, allegedly leaked to the Network by his former sexual partners, has not subsided for several weeks. The authenticity of the messages has not been proven, and the artist himself denies the veracity of their content. Recall that in the screenshots of BDSM correspondence, Armie talks about his cannibalistic fantasies, imagining how he tears his sexual partners apart, drinks their blood and eats flesh.

Against the background of this scandal, the actor’s family suffers. Hammer’s ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers, with whom he parted company in the middle of last summer, is trying to isolate himself from what is happening and protect from this joint children with Armie – Harper’s six-year-old daughter and Ford’s three-year-old son. Close friends from Elizabeth’s side, who wished to remain anonymous, told the media that now the actor’s ex-wife is shocked by everything that is happening.

“Elizabeth was horrified by what turned out. Now she seems to be living in a nightmare. She no longer recognizes the person she once married, ”insiders say. According to representatives from the environment of Chambers, she never knew about the existence of such correspondence, which is denied by other sources. Internet users have found a long-standing message from Elizabeth, in which she regrets the existence of girls who correspond with her husband on intimate topics. According to some fans of the famous family, Hammer’s ex-wife regularly monitored her lover’s social networks.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Galina Skozlovskaya

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