The genocide suspect is initially transferred to The Hague

The genocide suspect is initially transferred to The Hague

Félicien Kabuga is to be tried in Tanzania for the genocide in Rwanda. The 84-year-old is now to be brought to The Hague for the time being because of his health.

One of the alleged masterminds of the genocide in Rwanda, Félicien Kabuga, is to be temporarily transferred from Paris to The Hague by order of a UN court. There he should be examined by a doctor, according to the judgment of the UN mechanism for war crimes tribunals IRMCT, which was distributed in The Hague on Wednesday. The health risks for the 84-year-old in The Hague are lower than a transfer to the court in Tanzania.

A court in Paris had previously approved an extradition of Kabuga to the court. However, with reference to the old age of the defendant, his defense lawyers had applied for a transfer to The Hague, where the IRMCT also has a seat.

Murders of at least 800,000 people

Kabuga was caught in Paris in early May, 26 years after the genocide in Rwanda. He is said to have supported and financed a militia responsible for a large part of the killings of at least 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu in 1994. The Hutu make up the majority in the East African country, the Tutsi the minority. Kabuga is also said to be responsible for the radio and TV broadcaster RTLM, which was involved in the genocide and which had called for the murder of Tutsi. Kabuga rejects the allegations as “lies”.

The so-called international mechanism handles the last cases of the UN tribunals on Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia. War crimes trials in Rwanda are held in Arusha. It is planned that Kabuga will be tried in the African country. First of all, it should be determined whether he is fit enough for the trip.

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